Sloan Canyon Hike


March 2017

Participants enjoyed a wonderful 5 mile hike through Sloan with Archaeologist, Justin DeMaio. They learned about the petroglpyhs and preservation efforts in the area. The wildflowers were in bloom and the weather was just perfect. If you get a chance to go to Sloan, be sure to visit the ranger station before heading out. Tokens are required to limit the number of people in the canyon at any one point in time. This ensures your visit will be pleasant. 

Neon Museum North Gallery Tour and Social


December 2016

NVFCP board members (pictured above), NSSP volunteers, and guests were treated to cookies and cocoa in the Neon Museum's North Gallery. Maggie Zakri, Collections Manager, provided information on the neon pieces stored in the gallery, upcoming plans for the museum, and other fun facts about Neon in Nevada. A great afternoon was had by all.  

Get Outdoors Nevada Day 2016 Lorenzi Park


October 2016

NVFCP joined forces with the Nevada Site Stewardship Program to promote preservation at the 2016 Get Outdoors Nevada Day Event. Over 3,500 people walked through outdoor focused booths to learn about cultural and natural resources, recreation, and responsible land use. 

Our booth had artifacts on display, informational brochures, and a dice/question game where winners were able to take a free Nevada Site Stewardship Program T-shirt or poster. 


Site Condition Assessment Training in Virginia City


October 2016

Experienced Nevada Site Stewards were provided a two day training on identifying artifacts like stone tools, recording building conditions, and updating existing records on archaeological sites. The class took place at the Virginia City Comstock History Center. Locals were even nice enough to allow us to practice our building recording skills on their property. 

The goal of this training is to provide trained volunteers to assist with updating the archaeological site records of the thousands of sites across Nevada.

Nevada Naturalists Workshop On Cultural Resources


September 2016

We were invited to teach a three hour course on cultural resources. We covered what types of resources are found in Nevada and how to protect them. Participants were able to test their plant processing skills with stone tools and try to make cordage from plant fibers. 

To learn more about the Nevada Naturalists Program. Click on the logo below.



Nevada State Museum Tour Behind the Scenes


July 2016

Sali Underwood, Curator of Natural History, provided an educational tour of the museum collections not on display. Tour guests learned how materials get into a museum and how they are stored and cared for. Some highlights of the tour included the 225 million year old fossil remains of our "state dinosaur," the Ichthyosaur, a collection of butterflies, and an assortment of Native American basketry. 

Red Rock Archaeology Day


May 2016

Katie Hoffman, NVFCP Secretary, held a NVFCP educational booth at the Red Rock Canyon Visitor's Center for Archaeology Day. She spoke with many visitors to the area about the importance of preserving Nevada's cultural resources. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area has many important rock art and habitation sites. These sites are threatened by visitation from people who have no knowledge of the laws that protect them. Katie helped to educate visitors on how to visit sites without disturbing them. Photo is of graffiti by Ian and Cooper over the top of Native American paintings of people.

Gold Butte Site Updates


May/June 2016

Through a partnership with the Nevada Site Stewardship Program, NVFCP has trained 24 Volunteer Site Stewards on how to gather initial condition information on archaeological sites. In May and June, twelve of these trained volunteers assisted in a field project to gather condition information on 29 stewarded archaeological sites in Gold Butte. Shortly after this information was provided to the Stewardship Program and the Bureau of Land Management, the area opened back up to stewardship. We were happy to have assisted in bringing site stewards back into this amazing area. 

Boulder City Spring Jamboree


May 2016

Shannon Horton, a UNLV Graduate Intern with the Nevada Site Stewardship Program, created an artifact display focused on preserving Nevada's cultural resources for the Boulder City Spring Jamboree. The display case and space were provided by the Nevada Gem and Mineral Society. NVFCP's display was proudly centered in the Gem and Mineral Show Showroom. 

Brownstone Archaeology Tour


May 2016

Mark Boatwright, BLM Archaeologist, provided an informative guided tour of Brownstone Canyon. While attendees hike through the wash alongside agave roasting pits, pictographs, and petroglyph panels, Boatwright provided visitors with insight into the area's archaeological significance. Attendees also learned about impacts left by visitors from the past and present. The BLM is constantly monitoring the area and works hard to ensure that this place will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

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