Educational Materials

NVFCP Curriculum for 4/5 Grades

Complete Lesson Plans with PowerPoint Links

Lesson Plans and Materials that meet standards for Clark County School District as of 2022.

Children Approved Materials

Earth Day Handout

Earth Day Handout Spanish

This little handout explains the importance of historic trash while encouraging the public to reduce, reuse, and recycle modern trash. 

Archaeology Junior Ranger Book

This book focuses on the archaeology of Nevada. Hard copies are available at the Bureau of Land Management Office in Caliente, Nevada. (Written by Rayette Martin-E.D. and Illustrations provided by Katie Hoffman-President of NVFCP)

Pioneer Adventure County Travel Game

This game is available to print yourself. It is based on a 1908 map of Lincoln County, NV. Each player tries to survive their pioneer mission without running out of resources. Plenty of adventures happen along the way. (Created by Rayette Martin-E.D. with help from interns at the Nevada Site Stewardship Program and Map and Illustrations provided by Katie Hoffman-President of NVFCP)

Adult Level Materials

People, Places, and History of Lincoln County, NV

This book is written about Lincoln County history but mirrors the history found all across the state. Each article provides a window into the lives of the people who call Nevada home. Hard copies of this magazine can be found at Cathedral Gorge State Park and the Bureau of Land Management Caliente Field Office. (Written by Rayette Martin-E.D. of NVFCP)

Nevada Historic Markers

This guide to Nevada's Historic Markers provides brief descriptions of each marker and location information. Markers are also categorized by topics so you can plan a trip to sites of interest. (Created by Rayette Martin-E.D. of NVFCP)

Nevada Historic Preservation Plan

This plan provides the history of archaeology and preservation in Nevada. It also contains the statewide goals and objectives for preservation over the next 10 years. It is a great resource to learn about the history of the state. (Layout and Design by Rayette Martin-E.D. of NVFCP)


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