Virgin Valley Artist Association Brown Bag

October 2023

NVFCP received an invitation to present at the Brown Bag Series hosted by the Virgin Valley Artist Association. The event was also live-streamed on the Friends of Gold Butte Facebook page.

Rayette Martin, the Executive Director of NVFCP, delivered a presentation emphasizing the significance of preserving our cultural heritage in its original context. She showcased the detrimental effects caused by disrespectful visitors and urged everyone to promptly report any such damages they encounter. Attendees also gained insights into NVFCP's ongoing programs and projects and were encouraged to explore ways to become involved. We were delighted to share this valuable information with Mesquite residents and the dedicated followers of the Friends of Gold Butte Facebook page.

White River Narrows Graffiti Camouflage

October 2023

NVFCP Executive Director, Rayette Martin and President, Katie Hoffman joined Stratum Unlimited LLC for a graffiti camouflage and documentation project in White River Narrows Archaeological District in Basin and Range National Monument. For approximately two weeks, a team of experts color and texture matched scratched and incised graffiti in the district so that the petroglyphs would return to being the main focal point. Both Rayette and Katie have art backgrounds that serve them in this type of project.


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A Pilot Project in Public Science

October 2023

Megan Stueve, Archaeologist at the Desert Research Institute

An archaeology site in Lincoln County has been used in a pilot project to bring science directly into classrooms and homes around the state. Aimed at reducing access barriers to sites of cultural importance, these virtual outdoor experiences provide a new way for people to immerse themselves in prehistory without having to worry about transportation, entrance fees, hiking abilities, or ADA accessibility.

Check out the StoryMap which contains these virtual outdoor experiences. 

Watch a video of the presentation on our YouTube Chanel here

Fall Graffiti Removal Project 2023

September - October 2023

NVFCP was contracted to treat decades worth of graffiti from a sensitive cultural area. We spent time in the Spring and this Fall scrubbing and pleading with spray paint, marker, and crayon. 

A team of amazing volunteers donated their time and muscles to continue the work of bringing this amazing culturally important area back to a more natural state.

In addition to treating graffiti, volunteers installed signage and removed truck loads of trash. A team of SWCA volunteers joined in on the fun! 




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Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort Public Lands Day

September 2023

NVFCP held an archaeology booth at the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park on Public Lands Day. Admission was free for all guests. Visitors to our booth were able to play a pioneer board game and date historic artifacts.

The fort is the oldest structure in Las Vegas. The visitor's center contains displays and information on the history of the area from before the Spanish trail came through to the first Casinos. The property is next to a spring fed creek. The land was utilized by early Native Americans, it was the Mormon fort for only about 2 years, it changed hands a few times as a ranch, was sold to the railroad, and then was saved, restored, reconstructed, and sits in the center of Las Vegas for all to enjoy. 

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2023 Nevada OHV Summit

September 2023

NVFCP held an outreach booth and provided a talk on involving the OHV community in preservation during the three day summit.

Employees and representatives from the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Nevada Division of Outdoor Recreation, and Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles along with folks from the Nevada Offroad Association, Tread Lightly, Nevada Outdoor School, Rail Aware, Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers, MXT Media, and more were in attendance. 

We were happy to listen and participate in the many thought provoking presentations. 

The highlight of each Summit is the trail ride. This year after a ribbon cutting at the new staging area in Tonopah, we took a 72 mile ride to a Turquoise mine through beautiful sagebrush county. Rental side by sides were provided for the event! 

Photo: Ribbon Cutting at the New Staging Area in Tonopah

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Saving Nevada's Cultural Heritage

August 2023

NVFCP's Executive Director, Rayette Martin provided a free public talk at the Clark County Museum. 

The talk covered the devastating problem of vandalism on our public lands and why it's necessary to preserve and protect our cultural heritage.  Rayette explained the challenging techniques of graffiti removal from sensitive cultural sites like ancient rock writings, where and how to report vandalism, what documentation and restoration efforts are happening now in Nevada, and how to become more involved in preserving Nevada's natural and cultural resources for this and future generations to enjoy, be inspired by, and to learn from.

40 Years of Site Stewardship

August 2023

Dr. Samantha Rubinson, Archaeologist and Program Coordinator for the Nevada Site Stewardship Program 

Over the last past 40 years, archaeological site stewardship programs have developed in the United States and the United Kingdom. These programs seek to preserve archaeological sites on land and submerged. The recent National Site Stewardship Network Survey included over 32 programs, 30 in the US and 2 in the UK. This survey provided an opportunity to investigate how each program works and the driving forces behind them. This presentation will explore a variety of the programs and present the key results of the survey. 

Click here to watch a recording of this Zoom Webinar.  

Proshop Motorsports and Marine

July 2023

Sandy Allen from Dunes and Trails ATV/UTV Club joined Rayette Martin, Executive Director of NVFCP at an outreach booth at Proshop Motorsports and Marine in Henderson one Saturday. As customers browsed through the inventory of land and water "toys". They learned a bit about Nevada archaeology and how to help protect our heritage while recreating. We promoted our online reporting system and the OHV Preservation Ambassador Program. 

Early History of the Springs Preserve

July 2023 

"From Big Springs to Springs Preserve: 50 Years of Archaeology"

Nathan Harper, Archaeologist for the Las Vegas Valley Water District delved into the history of the preservation of the sites at the Las Vegas Spring's Preserve.

The Big Springs of Las Vegas has served as a waystation for indigenous peoples, travelers, and early settlers for thousands of years. For many years the tall cottonwoods along US 95 were the only indication of the deep history of the site. In 1972 archaeologist Claude Warren of UNLV was tasked with identifying the extent and depth of prehistoric and historic archaeological deposits on the site. This work to protect and preserve the Las Vegas Springs site would continue for over 40 years. Claude and Elizabeth Warren were dedicated to the preservation of the site through development of the “Friends of Big Springs,” leading to the site’s listing on the National Register of Historic places in 1978. In 2007 the Springs Preserve opened, dedicated to the protection and preservation of the birthplace of Las Vegas.

Click here to watch a recording of this Zoom Webinar.

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