Raising Funds the Cat Way

It has been a long hot summer!  I am biased, because fur, but I know it has been hot for people too, and that is why I haven't been able to get out into the field with NVFCP.  I did however get to join their board meeting and check out some maps which made me feel like a real member of the team.

We also discussed fundraising in the meeting and I gladly took charge, because I know my humans have a ton of stuff to get rid of - they keep it in my garage.  That is why I've taken it upon myself to run NVFCP's Second Annual Savers' Drive!  It'll run for the remainder of September - so if you have a space collecting junk, now is the time to clean it out!  I can't take large items or furniture because I am a cat, and only able to sort clothing, household goods, books, toys, and the like.  (And if anyone donates a cat tree I can't promise it'll make it to the donation point!)

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