Places with Rock Art Imagery in White River Narrows

July 2022

J. H. N. Loubser PhD, RPA Archaeologist/Rock Art Specialist at Stratum Unlimited LLC

Using examples from the White River Narrows, Lincoln County, Nevada, the main aim of the talk is to show that the recording of rock imagery goes beyond individual images and considers the relationship between the images and the rock surfaces too. From a conservation point of view the observation and recording of the rock surface at various scales of inclusion help assess the physical condition of the rock and the imagery it supports. From an archaeological perspective, the overlap between images and the rock surface and between different images can reveal interesting information on image placement and image sequences. Whereas condition assessments help inform site conservation and management recommendations, creating thumbnails for each individual motif helps with repeatable comparison within and between sites. Trends in repeated overlap sequences between pairs of motifs over a wide area may help create a regional syntax and/or chronology of imagery.

To watch this talk on YouTube, click here.

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