1st Annual Workshop Fair


This year's theme



Hunting & Gathering


November 4, 2017


NVFCP's workshop fair is intended to get the public to engage with the field of archaeology and Nevada’s cultural resources. During the day, attendees have the option of attending casual lectures indoors or participating in hands on workshops outdoors.  This event is open to NVFCP members with memberships available below and at the registration table at the event. Workshops have a suggested donation to cover supplies and preregistration is encouraged since participation will be limited to ensure access to instructors and materials.

To preregister for workshops, become a member, then email [email protected] your name, email, and the workshops you will be attending.

Memberships and Workshop Registrations are available click here

Our volunteers/presenters are supporters of NVFCP and come from a variety of backgrounds including the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Nevada Site Stewardship Program, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the College of Southern Nevada, and more. 

NVFCP is a 501c3 nonprofit that brings the story of Nevada’s past to life for the public, spurring an appreciation for and desire to preserve our heritage. We expose Nevadans to the priceless rock writings, artifacts, and our history in context. We foster interest in and care of cultural resources through easy access to information and organize opportunities to engage in meaningful archaeological resource preservation.  

We hope you can join us for this day of exploration and learning. 

 *All workshop attendees will need to be NVFCP members at the time of the event.



Presentation & Workshop Descriptions: 


Rayette Martin, Executive Director, Nevadans for Cultural Preservation

This talk will set the tone for the day’s activities. It will also include a brief introduction to Nevadans for Cultural Preservation.

Test Pit Excavation Workshop (Suggested Supply Donation $3)

Danielle Romero, UNLV PhD. Student

Learn how archaeologists identify and excavate an archaeology site ​by participating in a simulated dig.

Archaeology of the Springs Preserve

Nathan Harper, Springs Preserve/SNWA Archaeologist

The Springs Preserve is an amazing archaeological area. Nathan will provide an overview of the archaeological significance of the preserve, ongoing projects, and highlight areas to visit on the grounds.

Flotation Workshop (Suggested Supply Donation $1)

Leilani Lucas, College of Southern Nevada Professor

Participate in separating seeds, small bones, and charcoal from the soil of an archaeological site at the Springs Preserve.

Virtual Archaeology

Benjamin Van Alstyne, UNLV PhD. Student

Using virtual reality (VR) technology, archaeologists are reconstructing the past to help answer questions concerning how societies adapted to their environment. This VR technology is also helping archaeologists provide an immersive experience to the public through their smartphones.

*Attendees are encouraged to bring their smart phones and earphones. We will have 12 VR headsets that work with smartphones for participants to try.

Flintknapping Workshop (Suggested Supply Donation $7)

Justin DeMaio, Bureau of Land Management Archaeologist

Try making your own projectile point (arrowhead). 

*Participants must be over 18 years old or have a parent's consent. We ask that you wear closed toe shoes and long pants. If you have leather gloves, please bring them.

Southern Nevada Rock Art

Kevin Rafferty, College of Southern Nevada Emeritus Professor

Dr. Rafferty will explore some of the petroglyphs and pictographs that depict prehistoric hunting and gathering in Southern Nevada.  

Hafting Workshop (Suggested Donation $7)

Dylan Person, UNLV PhD. Student & Kayla Spriggs, UNLV Undergraduate Student

Participants will be crafting an atlatl dart (spear) using traditional methods. We will be pounding deer sinew, attaching fletching (feathers), and more.

Human or Animal Bone

Virginia (Ginny) Lucas & Claira Ralston UNLV PhD. Students

How can you tell the difference between human and animal bones? Ginny will guide us through how zooarchaeologists study bones and what they can tell us about the past.

Traditional Food Processing Workshop (Suggested Donation $3)

Virginia (Ginny) Lucas, UNLV PhD. Student & Kayla Spriggs, UNLV Undergraduate Student

Try your hand at processing cacti, meats, and more with traditional stone tool technology.

Navigation Game Workshop (Suggested Donation $1)

Ariel Belanger, UNLV Undergraduate Student

In small groups, participants will use a GPS, compass, maps, and clues to find hidden archaeological treasures at the Springs Preserve.


Directions for the Workshop Fair:

Park in the main parking area and enter through the main entrance.  This entrance will take you by the ticket counter. Please check in at the counter. There will be a number of signs directing you to the Workshop Fair location. NVFCP will also have volunteers to assist with directing participants to the event. 


November 04, 2017 at 8:30am - 3:30pm
Las Vegas Springs Preserve
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