St. Thomas & Lost City Museum Tour


February 2016

Erin Eichenberg, Archaeologist with the National Park Service for Lake Mead NRA, led a tour of St. Thomas. Attendees were able to ask questions and gain knowledge about the site, which was flooded after the construction of the Hoover Dam. Now that the water has receded, the buildings and artifacts, like glass bottles, are exposed. Erin focused her tour on the preservation efforts of the park service to ensure the town-site will be around for folks to visit and enjoy. Many descendants of St. Thomas reside in Logandale and Overton, where the group headed next.

In Overton, the group had a behind the scenes tour of the Lost City Museum by Archaeologist and Curator, Molly Fierer-Donaldson. At the museum, they learned just how many items are in the collection and the efforts needed to conserve them. Many attendees are looking forward to going on another field-trip with NVFCP to learn more about our cultural resources.

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