Archaeology Day at the Lost City Museum

January 2024

NVFCP was invited to have an outreach booth at the annual Archaeology Day at the Lost City Museum in Overton, NV. Our booth focused on the importance of context (the connection between artifacts and where they were originally left). We used projectile points to demonstrate this concept. Participants were asked to put three different points in order from the oldest to the newest. We then connected the point types to their time frames, the environment, and technology used at the time (spears, atlatl darts, and bow and arrow). We explained that if archaeologists find just one of these, it can tell us so much about the past. We also linked context to obsidian sources, showing that if the points are made from obsidian we can tell how far the obsidian traveled as well. 

Along with this lesson, we encouraged folks to become part of our OHV Preservation Ambassador program and/or to report damages they find to cultural sites. A volunteer from the Dunes and Trails ATV/UTV Club helped out during the event.

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