Preservation Through Education

We cannot expect people to care about

things they know nothing about, 

follow laws they've never heard of,

or protect things they cannot identify. 

Mission Statement

Nevadans for Cultural Preservation (NVFCP) provides educational services and assistance with protecting cultural resources through field projects, public outreach events, and print and social media:

  • Strives to increase the public's awareness of the importance of the prehistoric and historic material culture in Nevada, to discourage vandalism and the illegal trafficking of these materials, and to help preserve Nevada's cultural resources.
  • Collaborates with government agencies and preservation organizations in a continuous effort to preserve Nevada's rich heritage.
  • Is founded on the belief that educating the public about Nevada's diverse past fosters responsible citizens that will continue to value and protect these cultural resources for the enjoyment and understanding of current and future generations.


We bring tailored presentations and hands on materials to groups who enjoy the Nevada outdoors. 

Our presentations focus on:

  • What resources are in Nevada
  • Why we should care about them
  • What types of impacts happen to these resources
  • How we can protect them

Email [email protected] to arrange a presentation for your group free of charge.

Special Projects

NVFCP partners with other organizations and governmental agencies on projects related to preserving cultural resources such as employee or volunteer training, volunteer leadership, content, layout, and design for interpretive materials, and consulting.

Enrichment Events

NVFCP members are invited to participate in a variety of events related to cultural resource preservation. Events include, but are not limited to workshops and lectures on related subjects, field-trips, and site clean-ups.

Contact us about partnership opportunities at [email protected]

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